FullSizeRender (2)Vlado Vovkanic was born and raised in Irsava, Ukraine. From 1985-1989 he studied at the Art Institute of Uzgorod under Prof. Petrecky. Prof. Petrecky led Vlado to a deeper understanding of the various artistic styles.

In 1994 Vlado moved to Prague to further promote his artwork. In addition to promoting his work, Vlado also spent considerable time expanding his horizon. From 1995-1998 he pursued and completed a degree in Theology. In 1997 Vlado studied Art History under Prof. Zlatohlavek.

You were able to see his work in Gallery 33, Gallery Compromis, and also in Zámecká Gallery on Malá Strana. In 2002 he received an award from the Masaryk Academy of Arts for his Artistic Performance.

Because the artist does not have a clear-cut, specific style, a wide variety of possibilities are available.

It might be said that throughout his life, watercolor has been his favorite technique. It is therefore possible to order detailed and elaborate architectural settings; lightly, colorfully tuned city settings; city streets; historic landmarks; coffeehouse motifs; people and shared moments. Size is no object, with frame or without, made to order. 
A pronounced color spectrum of coffeehouses or a reserved palett of historic country sides might be seen on the canvas. The paintings, however, are not limited to these motifs and original utterances of modern style and composition. The customer can choose size, motif, and hue to suit his fancy. 
In questions of design, consultation is available concerning the interior of your apartment, home, color scheme, distinct style, setting, or even a company logo. 
Oil, watercolor or sketch portraits, from live sittings or photographs, are available at the request of the customer.

Restorations or reproductions of a particular type of picture are also feasible.